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    Bike Edmonton

    Whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, cities should work for everyone.


    Learn how to fix your bike and explore the city by bike. Buy a refurbished bike, or donate a disused one. Meet other cyclists and help us advote for a vibrant city.

    Whether you ride once a week, 265 bike-friendly days a year, or year-round, Bike Edmonton gives you the tools you need to enjoy cycling. Established as a non-profit society in 1980, we operate two volunteer-run community bike workshops, provide cycling edution for people of all ages, host events with community partners year-round, and represent you at City Hall.

    We work to make cycling accessible for everyone beuse we believe that an Edmonton where anyone n choose to cycle is an Edmonton that’s better for all.



    Events lendar


    Read about our organization, mission, history, and governance.

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    Community Bike Workshops

    Learn about our two volunteer-run, non-profit community bicycle workshops, where you n buy and repair bicycles.

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